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Yohan Triboulat





First Name : Yohan

Age : 38 years old

Height : 1m81

Weight : 83kg

Live in : Lans en Vercors (France)

Function : Founder of X-sports shows, professional MTB street trials rider since 2004

Hobbies : Cosmology, Travel, Nature




Interview of Yohan Triboulat from Vercors Inside magazine

Originally from Vercors, Yohan Triboulat is a MTB Trials Champion. At 38, he is a child of the country, a very active sportsman who is the pride of the Vercors. He grew up in Lans en Vercors where he still lives today.


What sports did you practice in childhood before you put on the Trials MTB?

During my childhood and adolescence I was mainly Alpine Ski oriented. I stayed at the Lans en Vercors club for more than 10 years. I joined the ski section at the college of Villard before flying to La Mure. I spent my B.E. very early. The ski I loved that but it was never a real passion. I searched, until the days where .... I found my way.


Have your parents also been sportsmen or the origin of your taste for sport?

My father, yes, he's a sportsman at heart. A beautiful skier, who went through paragliding (one of the pioneers on the set) and of course mountain biking. For my 13 years he put me on a road bike, after a few rounds of the canton for training, we left for the Camargue. At 13 years old you hit more than 300 km in the day, it marks you and it trains you. What memory !

My mother is more reading oriented, but luckily she has always supported me, especially during my school career. Black years that I would not like to relive for nothing in the world.


In 1995, the company of his father Ecran du Vercors is a partner of a sporting event organized in Villard de Lans. So it's been the summer of his 15 years that Yohan attends for the first time a trials MTB show. Marc Vinco, world champion of the discipline at the time, ensures the show in front of the amazed spectators. It's a revelation for Yohan.


From then on, he has only one idea in mind: to do the same thing. Just back home at Lans, he returns in the middle of the night on the village square with his bike to practice jumping the sidewalks. Eight years later, his passion is stronger than ever. Through training, his level even allows him to present a show, during the Tour de France, alongside the champion who had inspired years before. It's already a consecration.

In parallel with the Sport School in Grenoble, where he obtained a State Ski Alpine Certificate, he is deeply involved in MTB trials. But Yohan is more attracted to the creative side of freestyle than to trials competitions. He likes to invent new faces and has ideas in his head. He stands out with his spectacular flying style. In 2004, he joined a team that allowed him to participate in freestyle shows. Yet, he already feels a need to evolve further and design his own shows. In 2008, he joined a new company that will finance the realization of some of his projects, and the following year, motivated by the desire to develop ever more the visual potential of his sport, he bought the entire project to create Freestyl 'Air.


For ten years, Freestyl'Air is a company specialized in the organization of extreme sports show. The structure brings together a team of professionals who are part of the world elite in their respective sports fields: mountain biking, BMX, freestyle scooter and freerunning, but also, since 2017, ski and snowboard in winter ... Freestyl'Air objective is producing spectacular shows all year round, both indoor and outdoor. These dynamic and innovative shows are orchestrated to the millimeter and the second to provide maximum sensations to the audience. After several beautiful media spotlight, including the final of "La France a un Incroyable Talent" in 2011 and 2017, the company is a great success.


Perfectionist and constantly looking for new challenges, Yohan is constantly developing new shows. The shows are always more powerful and spectacular. But if he is now a true entrepreneur, he has not stopped practicing Street Trials MTB, when he is not traveling with the team, he trains on a former field of tennis put at his disposal by the municipality of Lans en Vercors. He and his brother Thomas have designed the space and designed most of their modules themselves with recycled materials offered by Lans technical services, this specific terrain allows them to perform spectacular and committed figures with maximum of security.


This year, Freestyl'Air changes its name to X-Sports Shows to include more sports in its shows. Yohan and his team are now performing all over the world. At present, they have already organized more than 1000 shows in 28 different countries, participated in numerous international events and dozens of television programs. In France or in Europe, the team of sportsmen and the announcer move with their infrastructures, they perfectly master the integral production of their spectacles and are autonomous to install and dismount quickly all the structures after the service. When they occur at the other end of the world (India, China, Middle East ...) their infrastructures are reproduced on the spot by local structures.


What are your news?

Last December we were finalists of an Italian TV show "Tu si Que Vales". This victory allowed us to return to Italy.

We followed up with the "Arabs Got Talent" TV show in Beirut, huge media, broadcast in 44 countries to 140 million viewers, once again finalist, the last show was broadcast live on MBC on April 27, 2019 .

We are currently working on many projects in France and abroad (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey ...)

My brother Thomas will manage a team on the Tour de France in July.

This year we are crossing a milestone, our schedule is extremely busy, at the time I answer you I am currently in Italy. To give you an example next Friday we have a night show on the side of Lille, the next day we are in Grenoble we range and leave the same evening for Switzerland where we have a show on Sunday. In parallel I have a second team that runs in France. In terms of logistics you have to be organized.


What are your future plans ?

In the short and medium term, I want to continue to develop my business, this involves the recruitment of new talent, the development of our infrastructure and our approach to the show. I will start a diversification in our services as of September. I work in collaboration with a com agency on our new site that will see the light of day in 3 months. I am not commercial, since the creation of Freestyl'Air I have developed a strategy so that people come to me and not the opposite.

In the long term I do not know, I have always been feeling, feeling, I do not care, the opportunities are and will be there, you have to know how to seize them.


You are a father, how many children do you have and how old are your children?

Are they following your sports tracks?

I have 2 children, Emma who is 10 years old and Dylan 3 years old. Emma is very attracted by acrobatics, since her 4 years she keeps putting her head down, everywhere and all the time, at 2 years old she was riding a bike without wheels. We enrolled her in Villard Home Gym for All for 1 year. She wanted more, so she joined the Fontain Gym Club, she is talented. My little guy is starting to find his balance on his bike, I do not want to rush him ... but you know since they were born they see their father jump everywhere so necessarily their approach to the sport in general will be different.


And to write a conclusion:

At 38 I remain passionate about my sport as ever. A lifestyle almost irreproachable allows me to remain efficient.

I do not party, do not drink, train 5 days a week and I pay extreme attention to my diet. I think I can ride a few more years. If your mind wants and wants to continue your body can stay in shape long, much more than we think.

I sincerely want to thank my future wife Vanessa, she is in the shadows but without her I will not be there.

Many thanks to the CCMV for supporting me since last year, I am proud to officially display the colors of the Vercors on all our services and thank you to the municipality of Lans which allows us to train in excellent conditions For years.


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