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Our infrastructures



For more than 10 years, our passion and ambition has pushed us to design and build spectacular and innovative infrastructures adapted to large-format, outdoor events as well as indoor events on stage or in more confined areas.


We now have 2 custom-designed trailers, 2 Renault Master L4, H2 lorries and a light-duty vehicle with a trailer for introductory sessions. Additionally, we designed a fleet of modular structures made for the stage or fragile surfaces (ex.: basketball parquet courts, tiling, etc.).


We bring particular attention and care to the aesthetics of our shows' sets. All of the material has been recently built and is carefully decorated. Advertising banners are set up within and on the sides of the show area to enhance the visual aspect.

Our modules are outfitted with non-slip coating to ensure that we can hold our events in damp conditions.


High-end Yamaha sound system:

4 1,300-Watt, active-sound speakers with remarkable sound quality, 2 Yamaha DSR 118-Watt, active subwoofers, and 1 46 cm, high-power 800-Watt RMS woofer.


For the introductory sport sessions, X-Sports Shows have a high-end, mobile skate park that was imported from California in 2018. This park has 4 quarter pipes, 2 rails, 6 ramp jumps and 6 boxes + all of the latest generation freestyle scooters.

For the mountain bike and balance bike section, we set up a wooden obstacle course with gates + a fleet of the latest balance bikes, trials bikes and mountain bikes.


Installation of our show area

Air de Show Freestyle

Air de Show Freestyle

Air de Show Freestyle


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