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Freestyle scooter and Freerunning



For several years now, X-sports Shows has selected the more spectacular sports that are also best adapted to its travelling shows.

Another important aspect is that the athletes who come from different sports must be able to live and work together to put on the same event. In fact, the company's fame has developed in part through the intense, dynamic and combined choreography of its shows. X-Sports Shows was the pioneer in this field starting at the end of the 2000s.


Freestyle scooter

The scooter first appeared at the start of the 20th century in France. It was a means of transportation mostly for children from wealthier families. It was in the 2000s that scooters started being seen in skate parks. Taking inspiration from freestyle BMX, these new riders pushed the trick possibilities to the max. The most well-known and newsworthy for his exploits remains the Australian Ryan Williams. The number of riders exploded throughout the world thanks to his amazing videos. The simplicity of the vehicle combined with the swift learning curve contributed to its increased success. Competitions have since been organised for freestyle scootering. X-sports Shows is the first company in France to include freestyle scootering in events. It has been an enormous success.




Freerunning is different from parkour mainly through its more creative approach that incorporates tricks into continuous movement. Freerunners focus especially on the aesthetic aspect, drawing inspiration from movements coming from gymnastics, breakdancing, etc. Moving with elegance and style is a fundamental aspect of freerunning. This discipline has experienced significant success, in particular since the rise of social networks and the circulation of original videos, some of which were produced with major resources.


Easy access to freerunning also motivates a lot of city youth to practice it. There's no need for infrastructures or expensive equipment. All you need is a good pair of shoes.




Parkour, or the art of moving, is a physical activity where the aim is to move freely and effectively in all types of environments, particularly beyond the confines of pre-determined pathways. Thus, elements in a rural or urban environment are transformed into obstacles, and running, jumping, climbing, balancing and all-fours movements are used on the obstacles. Parkour was invented by David Belle in the 90s and became well known in France through the Luc Besson film YAMAKASI. The visual potential of this sport makes it a main choice for X-sports Shows. Yohan Triboulat incorporated it into his event services in 2013.


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