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Who are we ? Why X-Sports Shows ?


Created by Yohan Triboulat in 2010, X-Sports Shows (formerly Freestyl’Air) is a company specialised in creating and organising extreme sports shows and events. The company's innovative and professional approach has helped it quickly stand out. The concept by Yohan Triboulat involves designing highly visual structures, recruiting top-level athletes who possess a true sense of showmanship and staging for the most spectacular disciplines in the world today.

X-Sports shows is the first company in France to organise shows that combine freestyle BMX, mountain biking, freerunning and scootering. 
In 2019, no fewer than 9 sports were represented in more than 1,000 shows in 28 different countries.


Media Buzz

Spotted and contacted by M6 in 2011 for the famous "La France a un Incroyable Talent" show, their show went on to the finals of that season. In 2017, the team was called by the channel to put together a new show that combined 4 disciplines. Challenge accepted. After that season, they put together a succession of shows for TV that were custom created for each occasion.

In 2018 X-Sports was a finalist in the Italian TV Show "Tu Si Que Vales" in Rome. In April 2019 they were finalists in "Arabs Got Talent" contest in Lebanon. This show was televised live on the 27th of April in 44 countries in front of an audience of more than 140 millions viewers. This exceptional performance marked an artistic milestone for the company. (link)



"Our strength comes from our passions, our constant need to offer increasingly more spectacular concepts, our ability to adapt and our team," YT


The X-Sports shows athletes have worked together for several years. This close-knit team is able to convey extraordinary emotions.

They know each other so well that they can anticipate the smallest movement of their teammates. The result: through communicative reflexes and the learned understanding of different movements, they perform perfectly synchronised and precise moves that will take your breath away.


For whom?

The X-Sports Shows' organised events are put together for the all types of general audiences: sporting events, cabaret and stage shows, product promotions, road shows, festivities committees, private evening events, etc. Both indoors and out, summer and winter, the company can adapt to offer you a unique experience.


As of now, X-Sports has put on shows in 28 countries: France, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North Africa. (click on map)


Represented Sports

X-Sports Shows selects the most spectacular disciplines, but also those that are the best adapted to the proposed events.

In 2019, 9 disciplines were presented. Mountain-bike dirt jumping, freestyle BMX (which has become an Olympic sport), street trials, parkour, freerunning, freestyle scootering, flatland BMX, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. (find more information on these sports here)




Attention to detail

Attention to detail

The X-Sport Shows company has built a solid reputation on fundamental values such as strict focus on top-quality work and complete customer satisfaction. The company's need to innovate has helped it develop a collection of unique and spectacular infrastructures that it currently has in Europe.


Yohan Triboulat on SFR sport TV


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