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Spectacle sport or "sports show" proper took off in the 1960s. With the appearance and strengthening of the media (television, newspapers, radios), spectacle sport or sports show will experience an exponential development. At that time General de Gaulle himself was a regular spectator of the Tour de France and the 5 Nations Tournament.

The General is convinced that sporting victories can positively influence French policy and the morale of the French and thus contribute to restoring France's coat of arms. The advent of spectacle sport (sports show) also corresponds to the law of supply and demand which continues to grow. The demand of the moment is mainly based on emotions, pleasure and joy to remedy the era of crisis of the 1970s linked to the economic slump and the oil embargo.

In the 1980s, with the explosion of television in wealthy countries, there was an increased demand for images.

Advertising and sponsors contribute to the development of spectacle sport (sports show).




The performance of an athlete or rider to speak in more modern terms depends on factors classified into two groups:


• The physical and psychological capacities of the sportsman.

• Variables linked to the environment.


The presence of the media and spectators is a major motivator in the psychological world of athletes (riders) and the showman. This gives him some social recognition. The influence of others will change the end result of his performance. Hence the surpassing of oneself. This influence gives him the power to push his physical limits.

However it is essential that the rider is aware that the spectators can truly appreciate his performance. Studies show that when spectators are blindfolded, the action of co-presence on the rider disappears. The positive or negative influence of spectators would be explained by the elevation of the athlete's level of alertness. Some researchers have shown that if this level rises too much, performance increases and eventually decreases.





MTB shows as well as freestyle BMX shows developed professionally in France in the 1990s. The market and MTB events exploded. The arrival of a large team with significant technical and financial resources will lend the discipline credibility. In order to animate these events, the organizers are starting to call on athletes who, thanks to these requests, are becoming professional.

At that time, 16-year-old Yohan Triboulat landed in the sport. The trial mountain bike. He will be strongly inspired by these pioneers of the Show such as the French Thierry Girard or the legendary Marc Vinco. His passion and creative approach to the discipline will allow him to quickly climb the ladder. In 2002 he was spotted by a professional team, he officially joined him in July 2003 for a Tour, Le Tour de France.

It is a revelation for Yohan, he gives up competitions to devote himself only to mountain bike shows and video. In 2008, the desire and the need to advance in his activity naturally pushed him to create Freestyl'Air which will become X-Sports Shows in 2019. X-Sports Shows is today leader and pioneer in its activity. Extreme sports shows.






Yohan Triboulat has developed a policy of excellence with his company. The passion remains intact and pushes him to advance his concepts. The show areas are developing, the aesthetics are neat. He is looking for athletes who share the same vision. Performance, professionalism and creativity. In 2020, no less than 9 disciplines were represented. Street Trial mountain biking and Dirt Jumping mountain biking, Freestyle Scooter which becomes essential on the services, Parkour and Freerunning, Freestyle BMX (in flat and in Park) and finally Ski Freestyle and Snowboard on the Winter Show.


The team's creativity and professionalism will open the doors to important contracts. The Tour de France, The WSR for Renault Sport throughout Europe, many TV Shows in France and in Europe will call on X-Sports Shows for the creation of original shows. This visibility strengthens the company's credibility.


This visibility will lead them to India on several occasions, in China, in the Emirates, the Caribbean, in North Africa, in the Philippines, in Reunion, in the Canaries and in the 4 corners of Europe.


In 2019 X-Sports Shows it is more than 70 events per year worldwide. Yohan Triboulat is already working on the evolution of his services for 2020.


X-Sports Shows is in charge of the creation of an extreme sports show for a period of 6 months to be held within PortAventura World (Spain) in 2020.


Many projects are being prepared, do not hesitate to consult the NEWS section to follow the news of X-Sports Shows.




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