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First Name : Thomas

Age : 26 years old

Hight : 1m80

Weight: 70kg

Live in: Lans en Vercors

Function : MTB Street Trials pro rider

Arrive at X-sports shows in 2010


Presentation of the pilot:

From an early age Thomas falls into the trials bike seeing his brother Yohan Triboulat practice in front of him. Soon he discovered a certain "talent" to progress and quickly learn figures and crossings of all kinds. After a few years in high school, he decides to set the path of studies aside to try to live and push his passion: the STREET TRIALS.

The Street Trials, this new discipline created and revealed to the general public by Scottish and Youtube star Danny MacAskill.

The Triboulat brothers will then import the Street Trials in France and over time will add their own style. A unique style focused on many figures and lines type BMX (tail whips, backflip, rotations of all kinds). In 2009, Thomas released a video that allows him to quickly join a French brand with which he will collaborate more than 8 years. Then will follow a series of videos (Reason to be) alongside his brother Yohan who will mark the French street scene.

The discipline then knows a real "boom" in France and many riders will follow the wave.

It turns out that the Street Trials shines in show, by its innovative, surprising and spectacular, it is today a pillar in extreme sports shows and a flagship discipline of X-Sports shows.

Thomas will then have the chance to start making representations in 2009 and will join the team X-Sports shows from the beginning. He will quickly become a professional and will even be part of the team that will arrive in the final of the show "The France a un Incroyable Talent" in 2011, he will be one of the first to perform a Backflip on stage with a trial bike, he also participates in the final of TV show "Tu Si Que Vales" in 2018 in Italy, and in the show "Arab Got Talent" in 2019.

He sees over the years the spectacular evolution of the team and structure X-Sports shows which continues to improve and push the limits by integrating new talents but also by developing its showroom with ever more crazy modules .


X-Sports shows allows him to travel a lot and to discover his discipline in the four corners of the world, notably in China where he will participate in the X-games China in 2012. But also in India, in Lebanon, in the Caribbean and in all the Europe to perform many performances alongside these acolytes.

Today Thomas is a reference in his community, thanks to his own style and commitment. He was able to join the number one street trials brand: Inspired Bicycles, which has world-renowned drivers such as Fabio Wibmer or Danny Macaskill in his team.

His goal: to develop and push his discipline even further, and to travel more and more with his ShowMan career.

Partners: Inspired Bicycle


Thomas TRIBOULAT - Street Trials Pro rider

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