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Bike check Yohan Triboulat Street Trials MTB 2020

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The winter season is favorable for changing equipment. Yohan Triboulat follows us with a video revealing his new mount for the 2020 season. A high-end Street Trials mountain bike from the iconic brand Inspired Bicycle based in England. He reveals to us in detail the specifications and characteristics of his machine. Yohan is one of the rare Street trials rider to ride on a 26 inch mountain bike. Normality remains 24 inches. Following this presentation, find some images of the pilot during his training in January.

The X-Sports Shows team will hit the road this week for a series of Indoor shows in the Drôme before leaving in early February for Nice for an exceptional evening. We will send you photos and videos of upcoming shows. Article X-sports shows Monday January 27, 2020.


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