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- We are living in a complicated period, events were on the front line. All shows and events are canceled over several months. How do you live this situation? Is motivation still present?


 Hi Hi ! Seeing your show season go down like this, it hurts your heart, that's for sure. But the motivation remains intact, it is even increased tenfold! I realize how much I need to travel and "tripper" with the team! I hope that this period will quickly end and that we will soon be back to break up places!


- It is imperative for professional athletes to maintain physical fitness and a minimum of feeling on the bike. What are you doing right now to limit the damage?


So yes, right now it's complicated to be able to ride and talk, so I'm working on the strength of my thumbs on my console. Otherwise I try to stay active as much as possible, I go out to do a few laps when I can, I do cardio in the mountains and I drown in BMX videos.


- The 2019 season was relatively rich in emotions and events. What's your best memory ? On the bike? With the team?


It was a great season, I was able to release a video project that had been close to my heart for a long time alongside my friend Joé Bocaccio (Traymproduction). I felt a lot on the bike during this shoot, the workflow was tough, but I'm really happy with the result. Mindset to see and review below.


Many best memories with the hahaha team. But the Tour de France was great and this "trip" to Lebanon for the famous show "Arabs got Talent" was magical. The whole team was gathered for the occasion and we enjoyed ourselves, as much on the service as on everything else, in a truly atypical country!

Watch the video of the final here, the street video here.


- We could see an absolutely magnificent Best of pass by the end of the year. It is undeniable that in your performance, in addition to performance, you emerge something special. The public loves you, awaits you from year to year. How do you explain this success?


Good question haha, I would say the natural. During the shows an exchange is quickly created between us and the public, we are all there in the same frame of mind with the same "goal", to share and give the best, the public must feel it! Even from year to year, I think that we remain authentic, accessible, and that is important.


- You have been working with X-sports shows for many years now, you have performed hundreds of shows in many countries, for sporting events, TV shows and many more. What would you like to live today? (in terms of show of course)


It is true that we are beginning to have explored the middle of the events and the show in a fairly consistent way. Today what he would make me dream would be a gigantic tour in a country where X-Sports shows has not yet left his luggage! Why not on the other side of the Atlantic!


- Tell us about your partners and your projects alongside X-sports shows?


It has now been two years since I had the opportunity to join the Inspired Bicycles brand. It was a chance for me to integrate this prestigious brand in an environment as small as mountain biking street trials. We filmed an EDIT in November in the south of Spain, in Malaga (video). It was an opportunity for me to meet and share my passion with emblematic pilots of my discipline. I had a great time on this video and I sincerely hope that we will be brought out one quickly! It was my dream to make a video trip with a crew. This year we have the project to bring out a video with my brother, the continuation of the series Reason to Be (2009-2012), it will take time but the result will be I hope, see you!


- During your training today, what is your state of mind? Do you put pressure on yourself while keeping the urge to progress or are you more in a maintenance state of mind so as not to seek the injury?


I would rather describe my "training" as "sessions". I am in a state of mind where I have 100% pleasure, I ride as I see fit without any particular objectives, I am looking for sensations. I run away from pressure when it's not the right time and confront it when I feel like it. I let the flow operate and creativity comes from itself, that's what I like.


- In 2019 we could observe a real evolution of your approach on shows. The performance is there, but in addition we can see really crazy synchronizations between the pilots and a real game that helps to increase the intensity and the level. On the Roc d'Azur in October it was really crazy (video). How do you work on these new sequences with your partners?


Instinctively !!! hahaha. It has been 10 years now for some of us that we have been operating together on this structure. The show and the multiple combinations have been worked on and refined over time. Our lines on the show area have no more secrets for others and this strengthens our dynamism. In 2020 there will be more surprises, because we love to innovate and it's important to continue to have fun I think.


- Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, the last word, a message to send?


Thanks to X-sports shows for all these opportunities.

Thanks Inspired.

Good luck to all those who are struggling in these rigid times, freeride is alive.


Thank you Thomas, hoping to find you very quickly in the game.

Article X-sports shows April 08, 2020






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